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Jiangsu Green Factories Visit

27 - 30 November 2019

The last promotion event of BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2019 was successfully held. A total of 25 participants from 17 companies visited the Awards 2018 winners’ green projects in Jiangsu Province for four days.


Led by FHKI Deputy Chairman, Group 26 (Environmental Industrial Council) Chairman Jude Chow, Group 26 (Environmental Industrial Council) Vice-Chairman Simon Cheung and FHKI Honorary President Prof Daniel Cheng, the delegation visited 5 companies including Wuxi Silent Electric System (SES) Technology Co Ltd, ECO Environmental Investments Ltd, Everbright SITA Solid Waste Treatment (Changzhou) Ltd, Hua Yan Environmental Industry Development (Suzhou) Co Ltd and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Environmental Technology Co Ltd. The participants gained a deep understanding of the latest market applications of environmental technologies like marine diesel-electric propulsion systems, biofuel production, hazardous waste disposal, recycling of food waste and sewage treatment in the visit.


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